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What's the most memorable thing about working with Maria Kauffman?

We asked some of our clients to find out what it's like to work with our agent, Maria Kauffman. Here's what they said was the most memorable thing about working with her.

Talking Heads @ Steve Volkers Group - Episode #2

New Year...New Brokerage...New Agents! There have been big changes here at Steve Volkers Group in the first week of the new year. Find out the answers to some of the questions we're frequently getting the last couple of days!

Monday Update

Don't miss today's "Monday Update" where Steve, Maria, and Paul talk about Disney+, our Frozen II movie morning, Fireball...oh and real estate too.

Home Warranties

Find out how home warranties are being used in today's Grand Rapids real estate market.

Early Spring Market?

Steve and Maria discuss whether we are seeing an early spring market. The spring market is considered the time when buyers and sellers start to become active once spring is on the horizon. Typically the spring market starts heating up in mid-February but this year it seems to be starting early.

Monday Market Update for December 10th-16th 2018

In this update find out if contingent offers are making a come-back. If you can really buy a brand new home for less than $200k (Thanks Trevor Duffy at Allen Edwin Homes). Be sure to stay tuned to the end for a special thanks to Ryan Gardner and Katie Gardner at Northpointe Bank.

Why now is a great time to buy!

Realtor Maria Kauffman tells us why right now...during the real estate "off" a great time to buy a new home!

Steve Volkers Group Teams Up with Bekins

Save up to $450 on appliances at Bekins with this special offer for our clients.

The Steps To Buying A Home

Maria Kauffman from the Steve Volkers Group takes first time homebuyers step by step through the home buying process.

Buyer Toolkit

Maria Kauffman from the Steve Volkers Group explains the toolkit for first time homebuyers!

Maria's Story

We have been in the same place before as our first-time homebuyers. Maria Kauffman shares her story to help ease the process for her clients!